Lawn Care Maintenance

Our Standard

Lawn Care Maintenance Packages includes:


Two (2) lawn maintenance care cuts in the Winter

Three (3) lawn maintenance care cuts in the Summer


1.  Property inspection and removal for any natural debris prior to each cutting. Keeping your property clean of dead foliage.

2.  Edge all driveways, walkways, flowerbeds, curbs and fenced areas.

3.  Clean all paved areas of grass and leaf debris created at the time of cutting.

4.  Weed all plant beds on the property.

5.   Sprinkler heads damaged or broken will be replaced.


Other lawn care services available at J&J Lawn Service, Inc are:

–   Landscape Design

–   Trash removal – subject to cost of dump fee

–   Mulching and rock placement

–   Sprinkler replacement and repair.



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